Accessories and thermal blinds for campers, caravans, vans and motorhomes

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Our mission is to make road travel comfortable and enjoyable.

We provide innovative and customized solutions for all types of vehicles at competitive prices. Discover our wide range of strictly made-in-Italy articles, all handcrafted and with attention to detail.

Oscuranti termici esterni

thermal blinds

Ideatermica's external blinds can cope with any climate and temperature, allowing you to fully enjoy life in your campers or motorhomes in all seasons.

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Oscuranti termici interni

thermal blinds

Ideatermica's interior blinds are designed to protect the cabin compartment of campers and motorhomes and to reduce the thermal overhang between the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

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Accessori Oscuranti Termici

thermal blinds

Ideatermica manufactures various types of accessories designed to ensure maximum liveability of recreational vehicles. They are tailor-made, in accordance with manufacturing process and according to customer requirements.

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There are many differences between campers, caravans and motorhomes, from the dimensions to the internal structure.



Motorhomes offer a unique and adventurous way to explore the world, with the freedom to travel where you want and when you want, according to your interests.



Caravans are the ideal solution for those who wish to enjoy the freedom to travel anywhere, anytime, flexibly and independently.



Motorhomes are very versatile vehicles, ideal for those who wish to travel comfortably and independently. Thanks to their structure, which combines transport and accommodation, they allow to take everything is needed to live independently without sacrificing comfort.



Vans and converted vans are highly appreciated by those who enjoy life on the go and travel in its most adventurous form, because they offer numerous advantages and opportunities.