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Ideatermica manufactures various types of accessories designed to ensure maximum liveability of recreational vehicles. They are tailor-made, in accordance with manufacturing process and according to customer requirements.

Our assortment, which is continuously renewed and expanded, includes:

Window/roof window cover

The external window/roof window cover is made of PVC AP/BASE 6 mm in two different fabrics: NAUTICAL SUMMER in blue and white, and MIMETIC FABRIC.

All windows/roof windows covers produced with these two fabrics can also be made with side ruffles, while the PVC AP/BASE can have side ruffles if paired with one of the two fabrics only.

Useful for protecting and repelling the sun's rays, keeping the temperature inside the vehicle cell lower.

Produced and available in various sizes upon request.

IDEATERMICA - copri finestra oblò

IDEATERMICA - copri finestra oblò

Dashboard cover

Made of PVC insulation material and 6 mm thick to protect the cab from temperature changes in both summer and winter, covering all dashboard vents and the steering column, the places where draughts most easily enter.

Assembly is very easy: just place it on the dashboard, pass the steering wheel through the slot and fasten it to the gearbox; then, on the top, you can fasten it with small pieces of double-sided Velcro, which can support the entire apparatus.


Useful for beds placed above lockers or garages and in all cases where there is a need to insulate the mattress from the cold or the annoying condensation that forms especially in attics.

Installation is very easy, simply apply it under the mattress using the practical Velcro fastener.

IDEATERMICA - sottoletto

IDEATERMICA - divisorio cabina

Cabin partition

Especially suitable in winter because it insulates against the cold in the cabin and prevents heat loss from the passenger compartment.

Application via adhesive Velcro or press studs. A model with a central opening via a zipper is also available.

In addition, Ideatermica also has other accessories, such as the inner roof window blind, the caravan blinds, the thermal cylinder cover, the universal wheel covers and the lower band.

IDEATERMICA - copribombola
IDEATERMICA - copri oblò interno
IDEATERMICA - accessorio
IDEATERMICA - copri ruota