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Van Protections

Ideatermica's exclusive line of accessories for vans, caravans and motorhomes: we make the road experience even more pleasant and comfortable!

IDEATERMICA - protezioni van

One of the most important aspects of ensuring maximum comfort inside vans, caravans and motorhomes is thermal protection. This is why Ideatermica offers a wide range of solutions to thermally insulate the vehicle, including window blinds, roof cover both inside and outside, and tailgate cover.

IDEATERMICA - oscuranti interni van

Internal blinds

The thermal internal blinds are made with a special quilted fabric with 7 or 9 layers, specially designed to protect against heat or cold.

They are easy to install and remove because they are attached to the glass by the supplied suction cups; in this way they maintain privacy as well as a pleasant temperature inside the vehicle. Also ideal for completely obscuring the light coming from outside.

Available in various sizes: total cover (8/9 pieces = front, side and rear glass/es) or kit for individual parts (front only, side or rear/s only).

Thermal insulation of roof interior

The 9-layer quilted insulation cover is the ideal solution to protect the sleeping area from low and high temperatures, eliminating annoying draughts and reducing the temperature difference inside.

This accessory easily adapts to the shape of the roof of the vehicle and is fitted by means of Velcro: one part adhesive and one part sewn onto the blackout.

Also suitable for totally obscuring light from outside.

IDEATERMICA - isolamento termico interno tetto

IDEATERMICA - isolamento termico posteriore van

Rear thermal insulation

The 9-layer quilted rear cover is very popular on the market, due to its effectiveness in ensuring comfort inside vans, campers or converted vans, all year round. This type of insulation is applied at the rear of the vehicle, improving energy efficiency and maintaining a constant temperature in both summer and winter.

Fitted by means of Velcro: one part adhesive and one part sewn onto the blackout.

Thermal blind for roofs

The van roof covering, produced in 6 mm AP/Base fabric, is also presented by Ideatermica in the 'EXTREME' version. This is a fabric designed to enhance the roominess and comfort inside the van due to its composition: 7-layer laminated quilted interior with 13 mm thickness, and exterior of camouflage polyester fabric with waterproof coating treatment.

Easy assembly in just a few minutes with optimal output.

IDEATERMICA - isolamento extreme tetti